The Model Life


Location: Leicester City Centre; St Margarets Bus Station Graffiti walls.

Time: 1pm

My first shoot was amazing; I had two Photographers named Mick and Dan and a chaperone. I was very nervous, I didn’t realise we was going to have a location shoot; We met up and I played everything by ear. I listened to what they was saying and they even guided me as I modeled for them; What I remember them saying is: “You are a natural.” I had a nervous smile on me although I stayed as my bubbly self, First photoshoots are always nerve racking.

I already did my Make-up prior to the shoot and dressed for it too; I was running late because I had an appointment somewhere and I didnt realise they was going to take this long. Me and Mick got together a time after that and laughed about it because they had almost given up but it was Mick that suggested to go back to our meeting point; one last time. 

Are there any question you would like to ask drop in the comments below…

Here are a few questions and answers like someone is interviewing me….

How did you get in contact and book your first photoshoot?

Well, I first looked online on how to become a model because I wanted to be a model when I was younger but I had no support but then I turned eighteen and decided to just go for it and start my career up. I found a website called Purpleport, Dan had messaged me asking if he wanted me to model and I said ‘yes’. We went ahead and booked the Photoshoot and Dan said that he was bringing someone with him, I was fine with that and I asked if I could to and he said ‘yes’ too. I don’t know where I would be now and what i’d be doing if I didn’t join Purpleport; I guess I wouldn’t have experienced everything that I have done now.

Who did your Hair and Make-up?

I did it all myself, I used branded make-up like Maybelline and Revolution and for my hair to style it I used a back combing brush with some Hairspray.

Were the photographers nervous or comfortable with the chaperone and you?

They said they was nervous at first but as we started the photoshoot we started to become comfortable and laughing and joking, as for the chaperone; i’m not entirely sure as to what they thought or their views on the idea. We ended the photoshoot and even went for a hot chocolate afterwards because it was cold out and windy.

Last question, Did you arrange for any photos to be given to you or was it a paid shoot?

Ah, my apologies I didn’t mention this; We chose to go for TFP (Time For Print) They sent the photos over to me via Dropbox and they kept them too, kind of like a trade which i  happy with. We also chose to go for Fashion but because it was our first shoot it wasn’t completely fashion, we chose to go for Portraits as well.


I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog if you have any questions, please comment below; I will be blogging more about my shoots and photos in the mean time.

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