Losing my Job

My hazel eyes are looking down,
I could feel my tears welling and their voices became nothing.
My emotions were beginning to become out of control,
I looked back up and I only saw their mouths moving.

All I can think to myself is that I wasn’t good enough,
before I knew I was getting up and saying it was lovely to have worked with you, with a firm hand shake.

I threw my coffee away and washed my cup out, I quickly grabbed my coat and bag but I had to take a breather.
I’m going to be alright, I said to myself.
I went into the directors room and I could feel myself not making any sense except all I felt was a lump in my throat as I said goodbye.

I turned to the one person and I felt myself let go…
I lightly touched her arm and there she looked in my eyes and I couldn’t breathe or speak.
Water filled my eyes and I wanted to run, I just stood there trying to breathe slowly but it was coming out fast like an explosion.


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