My Poems

Finding Peace,

Darkness surrounds my mind,
Pain is a world of mine.
Misery is a friend of mine
and I don’t want you to see me cry.

Silence seems to be the answer,
Silence has followed me through life.
My mum, yes she put up a fight,
together we’ve lived and cried.

Understand my pain?
everyone shall see what remains.
My skin burned to dust, leaving my bones
only to rot away.

Sorry isn’t what I am after,
Peace is what i am trying to find.
I hate how they still can find laughter,
Misery is all that remains…

Beauty within me is extinct,

Beauty within me is extinct,
I am not beautiful, I am ugly.
I am invisible, my heart it cries.No one will understand what is hidden in my mind,
Filled with betrayal, sadness and pain.
I am not beautiful, I am a weak unlovable child.Inside my mind, I am still a little girl,
bruised and broken.
Inside my mind, I know I have been used and outspoken.

I take things to heart,
little things make scars.
You don’t understand,
I try to forget but its too damn hard.

I had so much help,
when I was a child I cried and yelped.
No one will understand how I felt.
Until they go through what I have,
this is what has made me be me as its self.

Fight Back,

These words that I keep holding back,
are memories that are sad.
There’s too many kids suffering,
There’s men that are abusing.

Women are scared to fight back,
the life that they use to have.
My heart beats but feels like its failing,
the pain keeps on closing in.

Sitting on a table alone,
silent tears with my head low.
the teacher talks but I only hear the echoes’
There’s things that go on they don’t know.

I’ve lost faith in friends and family,
they’ve become so destructive.
there is people around who don’t notice,
the one girl who is missing.


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