Dear viewers and followers,

Yesterday night and tonight was the best, I went out for a meal yesterday at local hero and attempted to do the burger challenge like man vs food! I managed only half but was really fun too 🙂

Tonight I had a movie night with my sister and boyfriend, we watched The interview which was released in 2014. It is a comedy and was an amazing comedy, my mood is bright and I feel really happy after that.

I haven’t really done much today just played games and watched a movie, I almost forgot that yesterday and today I did two anime drawings which turned out brilliant although its only black and white.

I’ve listened to music and apparently it snowed at four in the morning but I didn’t know, I was awake then too.
I hope next week will be great too but different things happen all the time.

I am going to carry on with my story later tonight too so keep posted as I will upload my next chapter on here as in the link.

If you want to view the story on here just comment below and I will do 🙂 its called fallen deep in love.

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