I want to be set free

I’m calling out to you, someone high in heavens sky. Is there hope left? Will I ever be alright?
I’m on my knees in the pouring rain, begging for something good to finally happen….
I listen carefully but I hear no sound, I feel no hope so how is it possible for me to cope?

Look at me! I’m a mess, my mascara is running down and I don’t want anymore stress.
Why can’t you hear me?
Is my life just punishment?
I can’t take no more and I want to give up.

No more lies and no more sitting in the rain trying to get you to hear my cries!
I want to be done but I can’t give up, this life I live now is my hope but please some day hear me.

I no longer want to be just be a sound, I want a job and be able to cope in this world somehow.
No more crying, I want to happy and free.
No more physical pain, I want to finally be set free.

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