I’m back!

Hey everyone!

I am back and will be posting every week, I haven’t been on much due to what I have been going through recently.

Here I will tell you some of the things, I have been suffering from depression as you know but more of anxiety too. I have developed a fear of going to the job centre and what others think of me as well, I am not sure what is now happening with my modelling as I haven’t had anyone be interested in me….

I wish I can carry on modelling but like I said I haven’t had anybody be interested but if something doe come up, I will also let you know.

I haven’t been able to go out the house for more then 2-3 weeks as my big toe was fractured, I managed to hurt it when I was drunk, silly me but accidents happen, lol.

I am thinking of getting a bunny although my mum and her partner will not approve of this but I am going to get on because I love them and they help me cope. I will most likely get better with my anxiety because I will be looking after something and loving something more, animals to me are part of me too.

I’ve recently finished the book, Will you love me?? By Cathy Glass and I would like to say what a story! It’s a true story too because of the description and things but Lucy as the child was neglected and awful things happened to her although I won’t tell you much about the story because you may want to read this.

I haven’t shown you any of my drawings so to keep you guys/girls interested in me, I will post some of my drawings in a page frequently and you can see how well I can draw and my progress; although I am still learning to draw and by this way I am learning from someone called Sonia Leong – Draw Manga Complete Skills book.

Sonia Leong is a Professional Manga Artist and she has created her own story books as well as videos of how to draw certain things. 

Anyways I am sure you don’t want to hear much more about that as it can be a boring topic, I am like to make people smile and not be like a boring talking person! 

I have been craving chocolate lately! It’s crazy, I’ve gone through 1 big bar of dairy milk chocolate and a half of one, they are both 200g which is a lot and not good for you but I think us girls like our chocolates!

I will be back soon to talk more! Please comment, I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings too! I will be posting at least every week now, possibly more.

See you all.

Lea xxx


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