Feeling low

Hi everyone,

So I am not ok at all, I feel so low, so upset it’s indescribable…I am no longer doing modelling at all now, was really good at first but now some people arnt that nice out there…

I’ve been to a party lately and was just at a friends house tonight…was great fun but boyfriend didn’t really approve of it, the first party was great but he won’t go to another…and the friends house was just a get together to play poker.

He has become a little snappy and annoyed, we was both locked out too by my alcoholic parent and fiance…I am sick of life and myself, maybe I just wasn’t meant to be happy anymore as for the abuse I had from when I was born up to the age of 18-19.

I turn 21 this Sunday which I am not even looking forward to it, it’s just another day and even my family don’t like me that much. Since my mother has been seeing this man they have been distant and secretive but when haven’t they been….

I am sorry for this publish but what’s the point in lyeing about how I feel…I enjoyed tonight too but when I got home wasn’t so good as for annoyed and snappy people…

Lea x


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