Modelling 2018



She models naturally, holding the branch lightly. She stands her ground….


Dear all,

I have been modelling since 2016, I have had brilliant shoots with various photographers and different categories. My portfolio holds Lingerie, Fashion, Beauty, Boudoir and Implied nude.

I have many looks and different styles, I have enjoyed modelling since I was Eighteen years old and I am carrying on working on my portfolio and gaining more experience.

Below are my images that I have been working on through these years, I hope you enjoy them.

She is strong, she is not weak. she can be careless she can be free. shes deals with life like most things, carefully and always on tip toes. She is passive, soft and loyal but people have made her feel vulnerable.


She looks at the world differently to you, she can be different like everyone around her. In this image she may look fierce but truly she is passionate and loving, she is strong with attitude but she has a kind and tender heart.

The flesh, it shows but she is not bare, she is secure in her skin. Her hair loosely fallen around her shoulders, she reclines on the sofa, waiting for her loved one to come home. 

She has colour in her flesh. On the sofa she reveals herself, She believed she wasn’t beautiful but truly beneath the mask she is.
You told me me things that seemed believable but now I am finally healing, I’ve gone out of my way to show the world am not careless, I am not weak, I have family that truly loves me, don’t tell me am going down hill fast because I am not, I live life the way I want to whether you judge and try to hurt others.
I hold my hands to my chest to protect my heart but I look at you with smiling eyes and welcome you not only to heal my scars but cherish you by far.
I wear this outfit to show my beauty, not to show how sexy I can be, red and blacks my favourite colour, soft skin and softly touching the ground with my legs and hands.
I am looking at you, can you see me? If you do what do you see? Do i seem afraid? Do I look happy or expressionless? I want to rest above the pain I feel and not be dragged down.
Carefree Eyes but I stand my ground with my hands on my hips.
I wait for you, fiddling with my lace on my top, I look both ways and I yet can’t see you.


Laughter is everything in life, it helps emotionally and physically. Smile and be brave, share your experiences that increase them laughters.
I hold the branch beside me softly, I don’t want it to hurt or even hurt me, I have colour in my cheeks and my eyes look confident.
Do I want to be set free? Do I need to be saved? I seem happy but no one knows what goes on within my mind. If I escape will those nettles hurt? will i bleed and fall to the floor? I need some reassurance that things will be ok if I escape but its a scary world out there, do I really want to be set free?
I lean against this wall thats infront of your door way, I am expressionless in the eyes but a smile upon my lips, my hair hangs over my shoulders carefree and sometimes I wish my mind was like that too.
Let me breathe, let me feel free, I look at you shocked with how you breathe so easily. I look at you also with wonder, tell me, how do you feel free and strong but not weak?
I feel so cold, I want to be warm, my body shivers beneath this dress. I tremble when I walk because I feel weak from the cold, Bring me warmth, I need to feel the sun unleash upon my skin that shows.
Should I tell you what I think? Should I tell you how I feel? I look up at you, can you see my darkness? can you feel my pain? answer me please before the teardrops fall upon my cheeks, they are calling unhealthily because tears, they always win beneath the pain I hideaway.

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