Blog 4 Life

Welcome to my Blog!!

Here you will find me writing about all sorts, I am going to be writing about My Model Life, Poetry and sometimes it will be just things in general like how I think or feel or what inspires me…

I hope Blog 4 Life isn’t boring and that I’m not boring, maybe you can answer the question for me? Am I really interesting? I haven’t really thought about myself these days…I’ve been cooped up inside and helping others because in my family we’ve recently had our dog pass away…

She was twelve and half years, went over dog years that the breed she is supposed to last…it broke my heart but I haven’t really cried…I think I could be in denial but i’m more shocked if anything and I feel like she hasn’t gone!

Her name is Missy, she is a Japanese Akita, beautiful as ever but she got breast and cervical cancer and had to be put down because she couldn’t walk and was in pain, bless her! I don’t know if anyone else has had an experience like that or like me with the way I am feeling? Please share in the comments below, I would love to hear your stories too because maybe it will help me cope and realise that I am not alone.

I am finally settled with a partner of my dreams and living with him too! Glad to be out of things that reminded me of my abusive childhood…I can talk about my childhood but its very unsettling and upsetting for me but its better to talk than to keep it bottled inside isn’t it; as long as i’m not annoying constantly on about it?

I turn 24 this year in July! years have gone by quickly and so has my age, I was one day in a situation that I thought I’d never get out of…now I am living my life to it’s fullest, on recovery but my anxiety is still an issue although I am getting by with it!

What do I look like? well have a look at The Model Life on my page because then you will learn about my modelling, not only the techniques and styles but my emotions; I use modelling for my confidence and self-esteem, its also a fun and worth they experience of just trying something and once I did it in the first place it was fun and loved it from the start! I have changed as well over the three years of me doing modelling; not just physically but emotionally and mentally too!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and blog!

Welcome again!


Leah Heart

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