When I was younger all past ten years old; all I could really think about was becoming a writer. I used to go through the categories like: Song-writing, Poetry and Story writing but then I thought about Modelling…

I used to pinch my Grandmas glasses, look in the mirror and pull silly faces and poses; I used the glasses as though they were mine. I got to the age around sixteen, nothing was full-fulling; I went online and looked at modelling agencies…

Little did I know is that you had to have a guardian or parent with you and I begged my mum, tried to persuade her to come to London and support me but she had my brothers and sisters to look after and there I thought my dreams were shattered….

I do not know what happened because it’s kind of a blur to me but what I do know is that; I looked back into modelling at around Eighteen Years old and went over to Purpleport. That is how I got to finally live my dream, to experience the beautiful photos that were taken of me…

I didn’t think I was beautiful, only me is who would say this and I have fought through my battles in thinking negative about myself and I am still fighting but I think I have finally come to realise that I am beautiful…in my own unique way…. but let me tell you this….

Do not let anyone else tell you that you are not beautiful because you are; You will also finally live your dream and you can accomplish this if you try, afterall you only live once!


Leah Heart


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