My First Studio Shoot at StudioB1 Leicester.

When I first started the studio shoot; I was nervous. I wasn’t as bad as my first time when I had started out modelling but I suffer with anxiety so its natural for me to be nervous.

I really enjoyed my first studio shoot, even my sister came along and did a few photos with her.

I had my first studio shoot with Mick and his other photographer Dan, I also came along with my ex partner because he was my chaperone and the reason why I said an ex partner is because I am no longer with him. We seperated after sometime, we parted on mutual terms but I wasn’t very happy, he held me back when I wanted to experience different things in modelling.

I have came a long way after doing my first Studio shoot with Mick and Dan, Me and Mick became great friends and started doing location and studio shoots. We traveled to different places that had fields, flowers, water; I have yet to experience a lake shoot but I think i’ll need to do that when its very warm.

I started to become more confident after my first studio shoot on how to pose, trying out make-up and no make-up looks. different clothing, implied nude and boudoir.

I’ll say modelling isn’t just a pretty picture displayed from a camera, its art.

Modelling has its own prospective of showing you how beauty can look like and stay with you instead of looking in the mirror at a quick glance. it shows memories, your success and most of all it can tell you a story.

All I will say is don’t give up on your career, you’ll just need time and Patience!

If it happened to me with everything I have been through then it can definitely happen for you!

You’ll need to be up for challenges when going to location shoots or things you don’t feel comfortable doing and that you’ll need to speak up, never do anything you don’t want to because the communication is Key in photography and Modelling!

Thank you for reading,

The Model Life of Leah Heart.


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