Changed Life and Emotions

So, where do i start? The past 2 years I have been gone….Here i am now back, well its been crazy. I got Pregnant not long after an amazing 1 year anniversary with my now husband to be. We now have a 1 year old little girl, beautiful and most say she looks just like me. I have to say she has definitely changed me in good ways but with the past year of things happening I have also changed in bad ways…

How do you find help with something others don’t recognise but you do yourself? How can I change my emotions back to normal when all i feel is elevated or down? maybe a poem can help you understand how i feel?

Sunshine and darkness does not go together,

with me it does and it feels like it lasts forever.

The world around me feels heightened yet blurry,

other times I feel sadness and hurting.

My doctor sits there and just listens,

only telling me to call a therapist.

Holding the phone with anticipation….

only I withdraw and become numb to this situation.

I thought I’d get help, only i was wrong again,

hoping that someday i’ll be normal and my madness comes to an end.

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