The beach

I wonder in daylight across the beach, feeling the sand between my toes. I’m far from home but not lost, I like to be free like my dress that flows. I thought I was running out of time, my heart had quickened and my body felt like it was dragging, I was beginning not to cope so I ran as quick as I could to be by some place where I could set free.

Some place peaceful, some place warm but when I reached the ocean my knees gave way and a few tear-drops rolled down my cheeks. I was worrying and feeling panicked, I am now fine, I don’t know what started it but tonight my soul won’t vanish.




This photo has its own beauty, I took this during my walk back home. I find that these flowers are beautiful and hey made me feel happy inside, I decided to gather a few that had fallen from a tree and put them together. I walked a little holding them, smelling the freshness of them and then I took out my mobile phone and took a photo.

I walked all the way home holding them in my hands and I didn’t care if I looked silly because these look beautiful. They may have a special name but I called them pink blossom’s, I hope I will find them again soon when the right time of year come along 🙂 my first photograph of flowers and has brilliant lighting and colours.

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