Mothers Day

Mother to daughter we’ll always be,
The love that we have you’ll always see.
Together forever until we die,
None can stop us or make us cry.

We’ve always been strong you and I,
The past that we’ve had has got us by.
Mamma I know that you’ve been hurt
And I’ve always been there even when he had cursed.

No more worries because your own day,
Again I will be there to celebrate with cake.




This photo has its own beauty, I took this during my walk back home. I find that these flowers are beautiful and hey made me feel happy inside, I decided to gather a few that had fallen from a tree and put them together. I walked a little holding them, smelling the freshness of them and then I took out my mobile phone and took a photo.

I walked all the way home holding them in my hands and I didn’t care if I looked silly because these look beautiful. They may have a special name but I called them pink blossom’s, I hope I will find them again soon when the right time of year come along 🙂 my first photograph of flowers and has brilliant lighting and colours.

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