Before this weight came crashing down, I was fine and able to cope with daily life….
I have came a long way, struggled time and time again….
My anxiety and depression has become worse and slowly losing a sense of control.

I try to relax and say I am ok, I say don’t feel sick and make your belly hurt, I have people around me who support me and love me…
I can’t seem to get better, I want to cry when I wake up in the mornings and have to get out of bed to go to this course….

I want to be free from this anxiety, this shakiness that keeps happening to me….I want to finally be happy because I’m an adult!!

In the next few months I will try and over come this :/ I just hope I do before its too late.


Getting better

I am trying to get over being ill all the time, unfortunately I think I have an ear infection and it hurts like crazy but also it feels like an ache. These days I keep feeling tired and waking up with shivers and I am dripping wet like I’ve come out the shower…

I’m on 20 years old its not possible to get menopause at this point but I’ve searched on the internet and this is all I get “how to treat or deal with menopause” its frustrating and the temperature is mostly cold because the heating is barely on. Its winter as well so I am cold at night, do you suggest anything?? I feel like I barely have energy and don’t really want to eat….

I take multivitamins and CO-Q10 for a healthy balanced immunity, I keep getting bad cold as well and I have to have like 6 injections but not at once because I start a care job soon and its their requirements. I’m scared of having the Hepititas C injection though because its a serious illness and its a vaccination that its being put into my system.

I’ve got to go to the job centre tomorrow which is really a sad place to go, they give you benefits but they don’t help you get a job they and you on training courses for CVS or mandatory work experience.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Will write to you all tomorrow.
Sweet dreams

Lea xx

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