In The Army

This isn’t in the army…..
There’s no love or family just strangers in your den.
This happens in the army,
Death is everywhere and all we have is a notepad and a pen.

This isn’t in the army….
Laughter or happiness
This happens in the army
A written note for the family.

This isn’t in the army….
Comfort for shedding your tears.
This happens in the army,
The enemies lye around here….


Mothers Day

Mother to daughter we’ll always be,
The love that we have you’ll always see.
Together forever until we die,
None can stop us or make us cry.

We’ve always been strong you and I,
The past that we’ve had has got us by.
Mamma I know that you’ve been hurt
And I’ve always been there even when he had cursed.

No more worries because your own day,
Again I will be there to celebrate with cake.

I want to be set free

I’m calling out to you, someone high in heavens sky. Is there hope left? Will I ever be alright?
I’m on my knees in the pouring rain, begging for something good to finally happen….
I listen carefully but I hear no sound, I feel no hope so how is it possible for me to cope?

Look at me! I’m a mess, my mascara is running down and I don’t want anymore stress.
Why can’t you hear me?
Is my life just punishment?
I can’t take no more and I want to give up.

No more lies and no more sitting in the rain trying to get you to hear my cries!
I want to be done but I can’t give up, this life I live now is my hope but please some day hear me.

I no longer want to be just be a sound, I want a job and be able to cope in this world somehow.
No more crying, I want to happy and free.
No more physical pain, I want to finally be set free.

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