Mothers Day

Mother to daughter we’ll always be,
The love that we have you’ll always see.
Together forever until we die,
None can stop us or make us cry.

We’ve always been strong you and I,
The past that we’ve had has got us by.
Mamma I know that you’ve been hurt
And I’ve always been there even when he had cursed.

No more worries because your own day,
Again I will be there to celebrate with cake.


Follow the white rabbit


This is my sleeping bunny, he is the cutest most sweetest and funniest bunny I have ever known. I cry for him sometimes, I miss him. When I had to move from my mums i wasn’t able to take him with me and so I had to let my uncle take him.

I only wanted someone to hold him temporarily but when I moved back to my mums I wasn’t able to have him back and that was down to her saying no.

If I could have him back then I would, I love him and miss him and he is my family.

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This guy comes along and says,
remember November.
I try to hear closely but I say
Go prom with her.

He starts to go insane and says
I only want to be with ya,
I just wanna go to my home
But he doesn’t want to leave me alone.

He knows he’s hurt me
But acts as if he’s done nothing wrong,
So I walk away and say hell with ya.
You broke my heart so just go prom
With her.

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